1. Cleaning tips when moving home
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Cleaning tips when moving home

Posted on July 25, 2019 | No Comments

Looking for cleaning tips? There is no better time than cleaning when you MOVE HOME as we can observe the corners of the house and see if they are clean for real.

In addition to this we recommend observing the cleanliness of the following things or spaces:



Ceiling fans and Lighting

Ceiling fans and Lighting

Ceiling fans and lighting accessories are not on most people’s cleaning checklist, so they’re the perfect place to start cleaning your house. Ceiling fan blades are notorious for having a residue on top and if it’s been a long time between cleanings, these may require more than a little work.

Lighting appliances can have a similar build-up that’s hard to notice until you get up and look closely. Most of these have several pieces that you can remove to clean. The domes, decks and balloons are often made of glass, which is a magnet for everything from dust to tar. The best is to take them out and clean them in the kitchen sink. Let them dry, reinstall them and let the light shine as you continue cleaning your home.


Light switches

Clean Light switches

Light switches and other accessories -which are often touched- may not be cleaned often enough and end up very dirty. BUT it’s what you can’t see that should be your biggest concern. Germs accumulate in these accessories and are pass on hand-in-hand. Clean the switch plates and switches and disinfect them.


Floors Cleaning tips

Cleaning tips for Floors

For wood, tile, and linoleum floors, use a vacuum attachment to clean corners and edges and then sweep away all remaining debris. Finish rubbing, be sure to use a product that is safe for the surface and clean the sockets while doing so. You can vacuum, but that won’t be enough or cause allergens to be removed or air quality improved.


Kitchen Cleaning tips

Cleaning tips for Kitchen

Your new kitchen may look elegant but considering it’s storing food and cooking, play safely and provide the kitchen with a good disinfectant. Water and white vinegar in equal parts are -if not the best- an excellent disinfectant solution. Use it inside the fridge after removing all shelves and drawers. Clean drawers and sink shelves, let them dry and put them back in the refrigerator. Repeat for the freezer.

For the rest of the kitchen. Start by cleaning the top of the cabinets and then the down ones. Clean the inside and outside of the cabinets and be sure to disinfect the cabinet pullers.


Bathroom tips

Cleaning tips for Bathrooms

Cleaning professionals say bathroom cleaning is all about disinfecting and shiny surfaces.
Dish washing soap and a sponge are pretty much everything you need for the initial washing of the bath and shower, but it is also relevant to use an antibacterial spray to remove persistent germs.

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