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    House Cleaning Service in Florida. We are near Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Bocarraton, Lakeland, West Palm, Vero Beach , Fort Pierce, West Palm Beach, Hollywood, Coral Spring

    We can tailor a cleaning schedule to suit your individual needs, working together to meet your budget and requirements.

    • Dust all accessible surfaces
    • Empty sink and load up dishwasher with dirty dishes
    • Wipe down exterior of stove, oven and fridge
    • Clean all floor surfaces
    • Take out garbage and recycling
    Common Areas
    • Dust all accessible surfaces
    • Wipe down all mirrors and glass fixtures
    • Clean all floor surfaces
    • Take out garbage and recycling
    • Wash and sanitize the toilet, shower, tub and sink
    • Dust all accessible surfaces
    • Wipe down all mirrors and glass fixtures
    • Clean all floor surfaces

    Carpet and floor cleaning

    2mcleaners offers you an industrial service of Carpet Washing (Egyptian, Persian, Chinese, Indian and wool and alpaca fiber) and high traffic tapestries. Through the use of modern machinery and good quality products we guarantee deep cleaning and optimal results.

    Affordable and quickly cleaning.

    Clean Carpets & Flooring Experts! Floors, Orientals Rugs, Furniture, Tile, Grout and more.

    Carpet and floor cleaning Services
    • Carpet steam cleaning / cost per foot
    • Carpet Washing
    • Disinfected
    • Deep Scrubbing and Refinishing
    • odor removals
    • natural leather rug
    • Synthetic fibers (polypropylene, polyester, nylon, polyamide, acrylics)
    • harmonic oak
    • harmonic oakcurupay
    • harmonic oakvirapita
    • harmonic oakguayacán
    • lapachis
    • american oak
    • Slovenian oak
    • guatambu
    Cleaning For
    • Apartments
    • Houses
    • Offices

    Pressure cleaning

    Maintain concrete structures, brick walls, tiles, stone, textured floors, metal structures and keep them neat, remove moe, stains and dust quickly

    Pressure cleaning Services
    • Cleaning external walls of the house
    • Cleaning the exterior floors
    • Garage door cleaning
    • stone wall or garden cleaning
    • pool cleaning and large terrace areas
    • clean motorcycles and scooters
    • facade cleaning
    • fences or small garden paths or slabs
    • roof cleaning
    • rust controls and removal of calcium deposits
    • tile cleaning
    • mossy slabs
    • Blinds
    • brick
    • tiles
    • wood
    • concrete
    • metals

    Windows Cleaning

    Affordable, quickly and Professional. windows cleaning Services. supervised Professionals. Instant Pricing. Good work Guarantee.

    Cleaning for
    • Apartments
    • Houses
    • Tall Buildings
    • greenhouses
    • stores
    • Offices
    • Glass
    • rice glasses
    • wooden windows
    • double panel
    • french panel
    • skylights
    • glass panels
    • solarium

    Construction cleaning

    The end-of-work cleaning is essential after finishing a construction, since it allows it to be fully valued by deeply appreciating its details.

    • HEAVY DUTY CLEANING: At this stage we carry out the removal of debris and / or surpluses from the construction
    • FINE CLEANING: o Cleaning in detail, at this stage we seek to make the work area gleaming and impeccable free of waste, paint stains
    Cleaning for
    • Cleaning floors, ceilings, columns, walls.
    • Waxing and / or luster of all types of floors.
    • Earth removal, dust; waste removal, preventing such residues from sticking to surfaces.
    • Removed from paint stains and material remains.
    • Washing and disinfection of bathrooms, kitchens.
    • Glass cleaning.
    • Removal of surpluses in boards, sockets.
    • Cleaning windows, drawers, furniture.
    • Cleaning of taps with non-abrasive products.
    • Other surfaces to be cleaned according to customer needs and requirements.


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