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Cool atmosphere in your bathroom

The bathroom is a place in the house that should always smell good, should have a fresh atmosphere at all times and maintain a good aroma throughout the day. The secret is that after cleaning a couple of flavoring candles should be placed in the corners.

Cook and clean fast

Sometimes cooking takes longer than we should and it is because after the preparation of the food, we have to clean everything we have soiled. If we do not do it at the moment we know that we will not do it later, because after the meal we have other things to do or we want to rest. We advise you that as you cook you clean everything you dirty, always have a bucket of hot water on hand, there you can submerge dirty dishes and utensils while you finish cooking and when it is time to wash them, it will be a simpler task and so the cleaning of the house will be easier.

Separate clothes before washing

Get two baskets to separate dirty clothes: one for colored clothes and one for white clothes, so you will save time when washing and you can move on to the next task.

Shining floors all the time

If you keep your floors clean you will avoid dirt accumulating and save hours of deep cleaning, first pass a broom of soft bristles, now pass a paper towel, and voila! Clean floors with a fresh aroma.

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