1. How to clean the external brick walls of your house
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How to clean the external brick walls of your house

Posted on September 16, 2019 | No Comments

Brick walls are a good way to decorate the different environments of the house, they have the advantage of not going out of style, but to maintain their condition it is necessary to take certain care. In this blog we will give you some tips so they can look flawless over time.

These walls are not difficult to clean, but doing so requires some time. And to facilitate the work and have it as new you can purchase the pressure cleaning service. These machines can leave your brick wall like new.

Another alternative is to clean them using a brush and water, you should not use special cleaners. The only thing you have to have is patience since you must rub small areas with circular movements, so you can remove layers of dust and dirt. If after washing you notice that there are dark areas or with a layer of dust you can add one or two drops of dish soap to the water. After cleaning the bricks should dry well.

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