1. How to clean the floor or surface of your home?, care and cleaning tips
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How to clean the floor or surface of your home?, care and cleaning tips

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By cleaning the floor, germs are eliminated, odors are minimized, and the house regains its fresh and clean appearance. Here we offer you a useful guide on how to clean floors of all kinds, such as vinyl, marble, porcelain and ceramics.

The key to cleaning the floors correctly is to apply the appropriate method for each type of floor.

How to polish marble floors:
– Pass a soft cloth dampened with warm water over the entire marble surface. This will remove dust and other traces of dirt.
– Mix liquid neutral detergent in a bucket of warm water, testing it before use in a small area.
– Dip the cloth in this mixture and spread it over the entire surface.
– After a few minutes, dry with a soft, dry and clean cloth.

How to clean vinyl floors:
– It can be cleaned with a specific commercial product for vinyl floors. It is always recommended to apply the product in a strip as a test before use.

How to clean porcelain floors:
– Pass a broom or vacuum cleaner with soft bristles to remove dust and other traces of dirt.
– Apply a porcelain floor cleaner diluted in water with a soft cloth and let it sit for a few minutes.
– If it is unpolished porcelain, you can rub with a soft bristle brush. Polished porcelain can be scrubbed with a soft cloth, while textured porcelain must be rubbed with a hard bristle brush.
– To rinse, pass a clean cloth. It is necessary to ensure that all product residues are removed, as they may cause new stains.

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